Fruit Lemon: 'Improved Meyer' (Not Grafted)

Grower's Comments: A much improved Meyer Lemon on C-35 root stock, which is perfect for Down South.

All summer

Varies; tropical and needs winter protection from freezing

None needed

USDA Zone 4 to USDA Zone 9

Full sun during spring and summer


The Meyer Lemon Tree is named for Frank Meyer. He brought it to the United States from China in 1908 while working for the USDA.


7 gal $32.00
1 gal $16.75
5 gal $28.00
3 gal $22.00
In Ceramic Pot $Call

Of all dwarf citrus trees, the Improved Meyer Lemon is one of the hardiest (it can withstand cold weather and some abuse). And it's one of the most productive, for its size. And, best of all, it is a small compact tree which can grow well in most U.S. climates. Our dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon Tree makes a striking addition to the patio or deck in the summer, resembling a topiary.
Compact enough even for urban balconies and limited-space gardens, Meyer Improved lemon trees will begin bearing large, juicy, thick-skinned fruit at an early age! Even if there were no fruit at all, this evergreen would be attractive enough to grow as an ornamental.