Succulent Wreaths and Topiaries

Rabbit Ridge is now offering one of our favorite creations to date: living succulent wreaths and topiaries! These masterpieces are hand-crafted assortments of succulents arranged in sphagnum peat moss forms which can be cared for and displayed for several years to come. Prefer a more personalized arrangement? We are also offering build-your-own kits containing everything you need to create your own one-of-a-kind living succulent wreath or topiary!

You can choose between a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles made with either Hardy Succulents (safe to leave outside in temperatures as low as -15° F) or Soft Succulents (brought inside for a lovely winter wall hanging or centerpiece). All of our wreath forms include an attached metal chain for hanging as well as metal feet for use on flat surfaces, so they can be hung on a wall or used as a centerpiece for holiday dinners. 

We have four different size options:

1) 11" Round Wreaths;

2) 15" Round Wreaths;

3) 11" Heart-shaped Wreaths; or

4) 13" Tree-shaped Topiaries

Our Wreaths come in three different styles:

A) Uniformly covered in either Hardy or Soft Succulents;

B) Half covered with evenly spaced Sedums on the top, with an assortment of eye-catching Hardy or Soft Succulents on the bottom; or

C) A mostly uniform spread of either Hardy or Soft succulents, with several trailing succulents nested on the bottom