Sedum rupestre "Angelina"

To 5"

Hardy to Zone 4 (-30F)

Full Sun


In the Stonecrop family of friends, “Angelina” is terrific low growing groundcover for sunny areas. Evergreen, it forms a mat of succulent groundcover for sunny areas with poor, dry soil. The golden-yellow leaves produce clusters of yellow, star shaped flowers over the summer months. Looks terrific as it cascades out of a container or over a wall. Foliage sometimes develops beautiful amber tones in the autumn and winter. Does well in large rock gardens where the plants can be given room to spread. Will not tolerate heavy foot traffic.

Sedums in the succulent world comprise a lot of family members, once numbering close to 600 species but more recently reclassified and combined to a still astonishing 470. You may have heard them referred to as stonecrops, named as such because they are often found in the wild trailing between stones or over rocky ledges. There are many species of Sedum that serve the environmental role of host plants for butterflies. Sedums have leaves that actually store water, allowing them to be pretty tough customers.