Espalier Apple Ein Shemer

Grower's Comments: VERY limited quantities!


Varies- initially about 54 inches- but you control

400; semi self fertile

USDA Zone 6 to USDA Zone 8

Full sun


Depictions of espalier fig trees have been found on the walls of Egyptian tombs and throughout the art of the middle ages. Apples offer an easy and simple medium for both beginner and seasoned pro to espalier.


10 gal $95.50

The Ein Shemer Apple is wonderful apple for the home orchid grower because of its relative disease resistance and ease of growing, and because it is Self-Fertile. Our Semi-dwarf apple trees mature at 12 to 15 feet, making them manageable in a home environment. Like all of Rabbit Ridge Nursery Fruit trees, Ein Shemer is at least four years old and should fruit in a year or two. EZ Pick Fruits are pruned by us to grow such that the branching starts at about knee level and they are generally finished in a 'vase-shaped' or open style. This allows better fruit access and heavier fruit production. Additionally, you will be able to chose how high you want your fruit tree to be at it's maturity. After harvesting, simply cut back the scaffolding 2 feet below the desired height you want and, when the tree goes dormant, do the cross branch pruning. It is as simple as that!!