Fruit Goji Berry

Grower's Comments: Remove any root sprouts when you nocice them. Prune when dormant and also when growing to maintain a nice shape.


8 - 10'; prune to size and height; stake as needed

Less than 120

USDA Zone 4 to USDA Zone 9

Full sun


This is the very berry that is so filled with anti oxidants that it has created an almost fad following in America. Eat fresh or dried.


3 gal $15.00
2 gal $12.50
1 gal $9.95

Goji Berries are also known as Lycium Barbarum or Chinese Wolfberry. The plants are deciduous, woody perennials and are very adaptable and will grow just about anywhere so long as it doesn't get to minus 10 degrees or so. They like lots of sun, preferring climates that are hot and dry in the summer, but they will grow just about anywhere, including in humid climates.

It takes about three years for reliable fruiting. Ours are at this posting (2-2015) well into their second year.

Major pruning is done when the plant is dormant, except for dead, broken or diseased branches. It is also easier to see the shape of the bush at this time. In general you want a cylindrical plant that tops out at 6 feet tall, with branches spaced so that wind and sun can reach into all parts of the plant. Remove side branches that are within a foot of the ground.

However, you will also need to prune when the plant is growing to help it keep a cylindrical shape. The idea is to encourage horizontal growth and discourage vertical growth except for one main branch. In particular, any fresh branch that starts to grow straight up should be removed immediately.