Now That I Know What's Wrong, How Do I Fix It?

Almost without exception, identifying what the fungus or critter that's messing with your fruits is 90% of the effort required to correct any problem; the other 10% is the labor itself to spray your fruit tree. We at Rabbit Ridge Nursery have tried very hard to give you the tools needed to identify your problem through the various links embedded in What's Wrong With My Fruit Tree? by providing you with pictures of the diseases or bugs so you can make identification easier and more accurately.

We have also done our homework by keeping the treatment methods as simple and effective as possible, but especially to protect our environment and our pollinators as much as possible.

To help us help you, we use the following Industry Standards when talking about Fruit Trees and when to spray them:

We offer several concentrated combination sprays to cover insects and diseases at the same times. We will work with our customers to help make you the best fruit grower in your neighborhood.