About Bluebird Nest Boxes


The bluebird is the official bird of the states of Missouri and New York in the U.S.


Providing a nesting area for the Eastern Bluebird is both an ecological no brainer and a great way to cut down on the insect populations that are eating on your fruit trees. With almost always two clutches a year (sometimes three!) of up to five eggs in each clutch, that's a lot of mouths that Mom and Dad Bluebird have to feed - and they dine on insects almost exclusively. Almost 70% of a bluebirds' diet is made up of insects: grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, spiders, and caterpillars (usually spied from a perch and then caught on the ground.) (Beal 1915). The rest is mostly fruit - e.g., flowering dogwood, holly, mulberry, wild grape, Virginia creeper, poke weed, and Viburnum. (Although they will eat the fruit of multiflora rose and Japanese honeysuckle, these are invasive species, and should be eradicated.) So cut down on your spraying and increase the numbers of American's Favorite Bird. Bluebird boxes are handmade from NC Cypress and are roofed with Canadian Cedar Shingle. Includes a squirrel guard at the entrance hole. $25.00 plus tax.