Fruit 'Tayberry '

Grower's Comments: If you only have room for one berry plant, make it a Tayberry


Varies; need to be tresslised

None really needed

USDA Zone 6 to USDA Zone 9

Full sun but will tolerate some shade


Tayberry is a unique cross between a Raspberry and a Blackberry and was developed along the river Tay in Scotland....hence the name


1 gal $8.85
3 gal $13.85
2 gal $11.00
5 gal $16.00

Tayberry was introduced by the Royal Scottish Horticultural Research Institute, and was named in honor of the River Tay that flows through the area. Tayberry came from a cross between the Aurora Blackberry and a Raspberry from the breeding program at the Scottish Corporation Research Institute.
Being a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry makes it a very unique fruit, and if you only have room for one berry in your garden, then we'd argue for this to be the one you grow.. The fruits are very large and deep red when they are ripe. Tayberry fruits are about twice as big as normal raspberries and have an acid-sweet taste. We eat them fresh, and Mrs. Rabbit often cooks them down into a wonderful syrup (very cool on vanilla ice cream on a summer day!) or made into jams and jellies. Tayberries are not thornless.