Thornless Blackberry 'Prime-Ark Traveler'®

Grower's Comments: A new variety introduced in 2015. It produces higher yielding and larger fruit than other Arkansas thornless varieties.


4' - 5'; Upright

None noted

USDA Zone 5 to USDA Zone 8

Full Sun


All Arkansas upright berries should be tipped at 42 inches to encourage fruit to lateral and avoid the need for more than the minimum of support.


1 gal $11.25
5 gal $28.50
3 gal $21.25
2 gal $15.50

Prime-Ark Traveler is one of the newest cultivars to come out of the University of Arkansas, and is the second of their thornless Primocane cultivars. The medium-large sized fruit are firm and glossy with a longer shelf life than other blackberry cultivars, and their 9-11% sugar content makes them one of the sweetest Primocane cultivars!

Prime-Ark Traveler is an everbearing blackberry, which like the other cultivars of the U of A's Prime-Ark line of blackberries fruits on both the Primocane (first year vegetative growth) as well as the Floricane (second year fruiting growth). Heat stress (caused by temps above 90 for extended periods of time) can decrease vigor and fruit yeild in some locations, but we have not observed this problem growing them in NC. The first crop - produced on the Floricanes - ripens in early summer alongside the Apache and Triple Crown, while the second crop - produced on the Primocanes - ripens in late summer when the temperatures are starting to lower.