Fruit Thornless Blackberry 'Triple Crown'

Grower's Comments: A great Edible Landscape plant for your home garden. And it is thornless!!

Spring; Semi-Upright

Vine, various

USDA Zone 5 to USDA Zone 8

Full Sun to part sun


Blackberry tea was said to be a cure for dysentery during the Civil War. During outbreaks of dysentery, temporary truces were declared to allow both Union and Confederate soldiers to "go blackberrying" to forage for blackberries to ward off the disease.


5 gal $25.00
1 gal $8.85
2 gal $12.00
3 gal $18.85

Triple Crown blackberries are one of the newer thorn-less blackberry introductions and a real credit to the hybridizers. The sturdy vines are less erect than Navajo, requiring more support when they are young - especially when the summer harvest of huge blackberries appears! Triple Crown plants have the capacity to produce larger berries than any other variety we have seen, so be prepared to fertilize them well if you'd like to have award-winning blackberries. Their size does not make them insipid - these have a wonderful sweet flavor and are a thrill for kids to pick. They easily tip root and because of that, they can make a living screen that is edible. We started with only three plants in 2005 and with careful attention and care, we now have over 450!