Fruit Blueberry 'Brightwell' (E/M, Rabbiteye Type)

Grower's Comments: Plant two cultivars for better fruit set and size

Spring; E

Varies; trim back in winter

500 - 550

USDA Zone 6 to USDA Zone 9

Full sun


While Blueberries are high in anti-oxidants, they are actually not the highest. That honor falls to Blackberries, followed by Raspberries, then Blueberries.


3 gal $22.50
5 gal $35.00

'Brightwell' ripens in the early to mid season; they are medium in size, have small, dry stem scars but very good flavor. This cultivar was introduced by the University of Georgia's Coastal Plain Experiment Station in l982. Vaccinium ashei is a Southeastern U.S. species, well adapted to hot, humid summers with mild winters. They tolerate conditions that other blueberries will not. They generally grow 6 to 8 feet tall, but size will vary; expect that the blueberries will ripen in late spring or early summer. Suitable for hedging or shrub borders, with attractive tiny pink or white flowers, and often nice fall colors. Prefer, rich, moist acidic soils. Plant several varieties for good pollination. Prune out old branches and weak shoots for good fruit production. This is a new cultivar for Rabbit Ridge Nursery but comes very highly recommended.