Fruit Lime: 'Kaffir'

Grower's Comments: A round fruit with a bumpy, gnarled surface.

Throughout the year; small, white, fragrant

Needs to be pruned to maintain a managable size

Tropical; none required

USDA Zone 9A to USDA Zone 11

Full sun


Use the wonderfully scented leaves in Thai and Indian curries and cooking.


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Kaffir limes are a small tropical lime that is wonderful as a patio plant during the growing season and an excellent potted plant in the winter. The leaves and the peel from the Kaffir lime fruit are aromatics used in Southeast Asian cooking, particularly in Thai dishes. It has sharp thorns. The size of the leaves varies from less than an inch to several inches long. More mature leaves are a darker green and preferred for cooking.


The leaves impart a sweet, lemony scent and unique flavor to soups, salads, curries and stir-fried dishes. The peel is even more aromatic and is used in Thai curries, distinguishing them from Indian curries. The zest is an ingredient in fish cakes and spicy stews. The juice is considered too perfumed for delicate dishes, where it can overpower other flavors.