Crassula ovata "ET's Fingers"

To 5 feet

Hardy to Zone 10 (30F)

Part Sun


A very distinctive and unique compact succulent whose origin is not entirely clear, it nonetheless is welcomed and much loved by all succulent growers. As you might have guessed, the plant got its common name from the movie ‘ET the Extra-Terrestrial’, who had similar looking suction tipped fingers in the movie. New and younger leaves are more tubular in shape with red coloring on the leaf edges while older plants bear leaves that are more flattened as you see in true Jade Plant leaves. Many consider the Jade Plant family of succulents to be among the easiest to grow. Given very good growing conditions ‘ET’s Fingers’ may produce small, star shaped white flowers during the winter months, but some plants, even with the most attention and best conditions, just never flower.