Crassula ovata "Jade Plant"

To 5 feet

Hardy to Zone 10 (30F)

Full to part sun





Probably every gardening friend you come into contact with has: A) a strong love for Jade plants; B) a story to tell about growing a Jade plant; C) an opinion about a Jade plant; or D) all of the above. Native to South Africa and Mozambique, Jade plants belong to the very large ‘Crassula’ genus of succulent plants. Easily recognized by their smooth leaves that are also shiny and fleshy on smooth brown branches. Leaves grow in opposite pairs and can be colored from dark solid green in the shade to having red on the edges when exposed to light. As the plant ages, the branches thicken noticeably. Also called ‘Money Tree’, ‘Lucky Plant’, or ‘Friendship Tree’. A very forgiving succulent that can be found in many business store fronts and even more home patios. Easily propagated by stem or leaf cuttings.