Fruit Fig 'Conadria' (White) O

Grower's Comments: The Hybrid Italian Conadria Figs may give you two fruitings a year

Spring; Open Eye

Matures up to 40 feet; prune to maintain / train

Less than 100

USDA Zone 7 to USDA Zone 10

Full sun


Figs are terrific low maintenance, long lived fruits for your home garden


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Conadria is one of the first artificially bred hybrid figs developed by Ira Condit somewhere around 1956 in Riverside, California. Fruits are large and light green colored with pinkish - white flesh; the flavor has been described as very mild yet very sweet. The Conadria fig is recommended for hot summers areas lives a very long time. Many people classify the Conadria as a berry fig - golden skins on the outside and deep rose colored flesh on the inside - with a melt-in-your mouth goodness!! This fig is a full season fig, often producing two crops of figs a year. Travelers to southern Italy often remark on the big, juicy golden figs that grow there: here is your chance to grow one in your home garden!