Delosperma (DEL-o-SPERM-uh) - Ice Plants


Relatives: Lithops, Faucaria

Delosperma (from the Greek 'delos'=evident, 'sperma'=seed) is a genus of about 100 species of succulent plants and is fairly common in southern and eastern Africa. One of the most interesting and distinguishing characters of this family is their seed capsules, for which they were named. When these capsules open (in response to rain), the seeds are exposed to the elements and are not covered by any protective membrane, like those of most of the other plants in the same family. Delosperma is an interesting plant having white hairs covering its leaves, and it has amazingly beautiful yellow flowers.

Delosperma are often used in rock gardens or as groundcovers due to their cold tolerance and trailing habit, often reaching a 2' spread.