Haworthia Fasciata - "Zebra Plant"

To 5"

Hardy to Zone 10 (30F)

Full to part shade


Haworthia Fasciata, also known as the "Zebra Plant" is named for its distinctive white ridges on the undersides of its leaves, and is notably missing the translucent windows featured in many other Haworthia species.

Haworthia grow in bright - dark green rosettes of thick, succulent leaves. The variety of leaf shapes and fenestration patterns (translucent windows which allow shade-dwelling plants to absorb more sunlight) make these plants incredibly attractive. Haworthia can spread rapidly to fill out a container by producing offsets, which can be separated to grow new plants.

Haworthia thrive in low light and are very drought tolerant, making them an excellent choice for beginner succulent growers or anyone looking for a low-maintenance plant. As with all succulents, Haworthia prefer a well draining soil which is allowed to dry out completely between deep waterings.