Kalanchoe tomentosa "Chocolate Soldier"

To 12"

Hardy to Zone 9 (20F)

Full to part sun





Kalanchoe tomentosa is also often referred to as panda plant, pussy ears, or cocoon plant, due to the soft fuzz covering to leaves and stem of this plant. This variety is upright with narrow leaves that are a light green during the growing season or darker bronze when stressed, with dark brown dots along the tips of eack leaf.

Kalanchoe are easily propagated by stem or leaf cuttings, and some cultivars produce new plantlets on the edges of their leaves, which drop and root to grow a dense thicket of Kalanchoe. Kalanchoe needs lots of sunshine and great drainage. Pots need to be indoors before temperatures drop below freezing and placed near a sunny window or under a grow light.

 NOTE: Kalanchoe can cause mild digestive irritation if consumed; keep out of reach of children and pets.