Andromischus cristatus "Key Lime Pie"

To 5"

Hardy to Zone 10 (30F)

Part Sun


Also known as the ‘Crinkle-Leaf Plant’, Adromischus cristatus might be the easiest cultivar to grow of this awesome looking genus. A soft succulent native to South Africa, it will need some protection from hard frosts if planted outside. Growing it indoors during cold spells as a house plant it will do fine with a sunny location and limited watering. The rosettes are loose, triangular, and thick with distinctive curvy margins. The rosette is dark green with a thin coating of white fuzz on each leaf. Flower blooms are tubular shaped and milk colored. Andromischus cristatus thrives in sunny rooms or outdoors in frost-free weather. Pot in containers with drainage holes and gritty cactus / succulent soil mix. Water deeply and only after the soil has fully dried out. Reduce watering frequency even more during winter to limit the risk of rot.