Fruit Paw Paw "Eastern Seedling"

Grower's Comments: "Eastern Seedling" Paw Paw is a true Native American Paw Paw


From 15 to 20 feet, depending on Cultivar

Less than 400

USDA Zone 5 to USDA Zone 10

Shade while young (2 - 3 years); full sun when mature


How many fruits do you know that have a song written about them?
"Pickin' up paw paws - puttin 'em in a basket."


3 gal $20.50

The Paw Paw is a wonderful native edible that is easily grown in the home gardens of North Carolina. Tasters report a remarkable flavor somewhere between a banana and a pear. The flesh is a wonderful yellow orange in color when ripe. Young Paw Paws need filtered sun light to develop....that is why whenever you see native Paw Paws growing in the wild, they are inevitably growing under trees in low lands. However, once they grow to maturity, they actually need and require sunlight to develop proper fruit set. Paw Paws do not last long without refrigeration, making them ideal for the home gardener to grow, harvest, and eat at once. All the Paw Paws we sell are over 4 years old with fruiting expected by the time they are 6 or 7
NOTE: Our Eastern Seedling Paw Paw is seed grown from southern Paw Paw stock trees, and offers an excellent chance for you to grow a Native American Fruit who lineage (supposedly!!) can be traced back to the Garden Of Eden.