Raspberry 'Caroline'

Spring-Summer (Everbearing)

To 4 feet


USDA Zone 3 to USDA Zone 9

Full Sun


A newer cultivar from the University of Maryland, the Caroline raspberry produces larger, earlier fruit than its 'parent' the Heritage raspberry, with better disease resistance as well.


1 gal $8.85
2 gal $12.00
3 gal $18.85
5 gal $25.00

Brambles are perennial plants with a biennial growth and fruiting habit. The perennial part is in a storage root, which has enough cold hardiness to continue above ground growth from year to year. Their biennial part is in the new growth (primocanes) which can overwinter, flower, and bear fruit the following season (floricanes) and die after fruiting. This makes it necessary to prune or remove the canes which have produced fruit.

Caroline Raspberry is an ever bearing Raspberry, meaning it will continue to flower and bear fruit throughout the growing season as long as you continue to pick the fruit. It can be pruned in one of two ways:

TWO CROP option: For two smaller crops, one in July and one in September, remove the weakest, thinnest canes with dead flowering or fruiting bracts.
ONE CROP option: For one large late summer crop, remove all canes, and the crop will come entirely from the new summer’s growth and produce berries in September through October.