Fruit Raspberry 'Amity Red'

Grower's Comments: Probably the best Raspberry for the South

Spring- Ever Bearing Variety

Variest due to age and training

800 - 900; Self fertile- needs two years to bear fruits

USDA Zone 7 to USDA Zone 9

Sun in cooler areas, some aternoon shade suggested in North Carolina


Best Time: Pick early in the morning when berries are still cool and the sun hasn't had time to soften them, or early evening when the sun is setting.
How to Pick: Look under the leaves for berries. Use both hands--one hand to hold the branch, the other to pick the berries. Pick all fully ripe berries with no green or white tips. Handle the berries gently.


2 gal $12.00
1 gal $8.85
3 gal $18.85

Everbearing Variety – Large, firm, dark berries with classic raspberry flavor and superior quality. Plant growth is very vigorous and plants are very prolific. Amity Red is similar to Heritage Red but it is softer and ripens earlier. Good heat, drought, and disease resistance. Berries are not fully ripe when they first turn red; when the fruit is fully ripe they are a deep and dark red. Amity is good for shipping, freezing, and canning. More resistant to Root Rot and aphids and can take somewhat heavier soils than others. Amity is a week or so earlier than Heritage but does not bear quite as heavily. We recommend Amity for the home gardener due to its excellent flavor, and Heritage to commercial growers and those desiring a heavier yield.NOTE: the stem of Amity Red does not come free until fully ripe, so there is no guess work involved with this cultivar.