Sedum adolphii “Golden Sedum”

To 12"

Hardy to Zone 9 (20F)

Full Sun


A handsome and colorful grower with thick, upturned leaves, Golden Sedum has shiny leaves with a lime base color and tips that flush orange when grown in bright sunlight. S. adolphii is drought-adapted and grows natively in rocky outcroppings in Mexico. Its branching stems tend to bend as they mature, turning them into colorful trailing plants for a basket or container. “Golden Sedum” is a soft succulent and as such will need winter protection in USDA Zones 9 and below. Bring it indoors to overwinter by a sunny window or a grow light and it will be a Happy Camper. S. adolphii can be a reluctant bloomer in cultivation, but will sometimes flower in winter. When blooming, it produces white, star-shaped flowers with a subtle fragrance.

Sedums in the succulent world comprise a lot of family members, once numbering close to 600 species but more recently reclassified and combined to a still astonishing 470. You may have heard them referred to as stonecrops, named as such because they are often found in the wild trailing between stones or over rocky ledges. There are many species of Sedum that serve the environmental role of host plants for butterflies. Sedums have leaves that actually store water, allowing them to be pretty tough customers.