Sempervivum "Silver Thaw"

To 3"

Hardy to Zone 5 (-20F)

Full to part sun


While it is on the smaller side, "Silver Thaw" produces rosettes with a visually striking appearance. With its dark coloration and heavily tufted leaves, it will be a stunning addition to any collection.

Sempervivum need plenty of outdoor sunlight to show their best colors and maintain the most delightful tight rosette form. They produce new offsets or "chicks" on what plant folks refer to as ‘stolons’. These “chicks” can be left to form tidy clusters or removed to share or trade or transplant to increase your succulent collection. Sempervivum do most of their growing in the spring and summer, and will thrive with weekly watering and afternoon shade if temperatures exceed 80F. They are incredibly frost hardy and will happily overwinter under an insulating blanket of snow. Protect from heavy rains and standing water to prevent rot.